"Your home is one of your most valued assets. We want to make sure it is what you expect"

Rob Moose

I started building at a very young age, and during that time I was able to  learn how fasteners and material deteriorate over time without the proper maintenance. Later on at the age of 18 I started working with multiple contractors who taught me very important lessons which stick with me today. During those times as a framer of homes and additions, remodels, etc. I became lead man and nothing escaped my eyes. So they started calling me "Rob the Inspector." I heard this so much that I decided to become a Home Inspector because I don't like people cutting corners and cheating people! I know how things should be built, and that is why I chose to become a home inspector because it comes naturally. 

Holly Moose

When I was in medical school for Nuclear Medicine; I learned how bad radon is. It is the second leading cause of our lung cancer cases in the United States People don't realize that the air they are breathing in their own home is harming them. The reason I stepped out of the medical field into Home Inspecting and Radon was to bring awareness to people and make sure they are safe in their home. I want to prevent the cancer from happening because it is not fun going through all of the treatments and it is devastating to lose a life.    

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