We provide Thermal Imaging and Radon Testing with the best up to date Report Writing Software! 

Home Inspections:

A Home Inspection provides you with a clear understanding of the home and its different systems and components. We will use the NC Standard of Practice, experience, and our training with Inspector Nation to provide you with a confidential report which we will provide at an agreed time. The report will include any Systems that do not function as intended, or may need further evaluation from a specialist. The report may impact the "Due Diligence" period of buying a home by having identifying problems prior to the purchase of the home. The report will give a complete understanding of the home, to ensure that the house you see is truly the home you are about to purchase.

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Maintenance Inspections:

Most people understand the importance of regular automotive service, or even annual medical check-ups, sadly, our homes are often left overlooked. When this happens simple issues, such as unchecked moisture and water penetration, may lead to very costly structural damage. We can help monitor or detect problem areas before they become a financial burden, or a life safety issue, just by having a maintenance inspection. Protect your family and your investment by having a Home Maintenance Inspection and give your home the check-up it needs.   

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Radon Testing:

Radon is a cancer causing radioactive gas that you can not see, smell, or taste. Radon can enter our homes through cracks or holes in any kind of foundation. Any home can trap the radon gas inside; which can become very dangerous as it accumulates and reaches very high levels. The EPA and CDC recommends that homes should be tested for Radon Gas no matter the region the home is located. We can preform a simple radon test, this is the only way to know if family's are at risk from Radon exposure. We use a continuous monitor to give the most accurate results of your home's radon levels.      

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